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Here at LED Light Source we strive to provide you with an excellent customer service experience and the best possible products for businesses in Oregon, California, Washington and Alaska, however we are not limited to these areas. LED lighting technology is constantly changing so we do all the leg work for you and provide you with the latest in LED technology. So what are the benefits of using LEDs?

  • Up to 90% more efficient than their counterparts
  • Most LED lights have an expected life of >50,000 hours
  • LEDs provide better light spectrums
  • No more annoying sounds
  • Much safer than conventional lighting
  • LEDs can provide a more focused light where it's needed
  • Much more versatile
  • No "warm up" time
  • LED lights contain no mercury

Still not a believer? Check out some of our case studies or contact us today for a free energy analysis to see what your ROI will be and how much you can save each month.

Hot Products

T8 LED Light Tube

T8 LED Light TubesThe T8 LED Light Tube is a direct replacement for fluorescent T8 lights. Our light tubes consume roughly 50 to 60% less energy than Fluorescent lamps. LED tubes last roughly 10 times longer than Fluorescent T8s.

LED Wall Pack

LED Wall PackOur LED Wall Pack Fixture is a direct replacement for 250 watt Metal Halide or HPS fixture. LED Wall Packs can save 70% compared to traditional wall packs. Many models also have a 70,000 hour expected life span.

High Bay Fixtures

LED High BayOur LED High Bay Fixtures can reduce your energy consumption by up to 75%! In addition to a high lumen-per-watt ratio these High Bay LED fixtures also provide a 50,000 hour expected life.

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money graphInterested in LEDs but still on the fence or have some questions? We will come to your place of business and perform a thorough analysis to assess your specific needs, and answer any questions you have!

LED incentives are available!

Incentives ImageThere are numerous incentive programs through various agencies, including Energy Trust of Oregon, to offset the cost of switching to LED lighting. Contact us today to see what you qualify for.